Saturday, August 28, 2010


Shortness. It is the curse of man seeking female. I shouldn’t say female anymore, she always remarked something about that. How she wasn’t a bug or something to be categorized and microscoped. She’d always soften up after she’d said it, because she didn’t want to sound like some intense feminist, she said, she just thought female was stupid. I agree. Ha ha ha.

I haven’t had good sleeping habits lately, I mostly watch terrible reality shows on TV (or outside my window- my attractive and very subtle condo which I am about to lose because I am jobless- is funnily enough located across the street from a very basic, very oddball bar called DJ’s. I guess it’s pretty generic except for the fact that bikers have started to like it very much lately, though, like I said, it’s pretty generic and not, I don’t think, seedy enough to be considered a cool place for them. But hey, that is coming from the guy who gets shaken up by their repetitive grand exits at 2 in the AM. I guess it doesn’t matter all that much, considering I don’t sleep very much at all, but it does occasionally make me strangely angry. Sometimes I will go to the sliding glass door, huddle by the fence where I cannot be seen, and start to yell curse words at them. Usually though the words turn to mumbo jumbo as they roll out and the most response I’ve ever gotten is the perking of their ears- more muscular appendages than my calves- after which I usually realize quickly how cold it has gotten and quietly retreat to my kitchen. )

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